Expired Language

by Libyans

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released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Libyans Boston, Massachusetts

Boston band started Early 2007. Still remaining although we have splintered out of Boston area. New full length Album out-2013

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Track Name: Nowhere
They say aim high, above your slouching shoulders
And spend your time collecting enemies, not friends

It’s 1949 on a highway to nowhere
Unfaithful, young, sadistic
Force of habit
Set us free

Can see this false divide
But will never surpass it
Track Name: Rite of Passage
It’s stubborn, blunt, old fashioned
Some archaic rite of passage
You’ll hear no language
Only common grunts and double standards
Forced to excuse all that came before and will come after
Or else abandon all I know

So I will scramble signals
Try to just subvert your thinking
And force these neurons shut
No sending, just receiving
I’ll try in Morse code
No, I will invent a language
So you’ll abandon all you know

It’s working
It’s not working
I know what came before
Track Name: Mania
Empty head, not quite persuaded
Take it take it take it back
Can’t remember just what was said
Fail on site, avoid attack

I didn’t think we’d have to fall
They’re gonna take all that is left
We’re gonna do what they expect
We’re gonna dig right back into that hole

Raw and bare, unraveling faster
Hold me hold me hold me down
Stumbling words so loosely crafted
Left with just the lesser half

Forced out
Forced down
I can’t hold on any longer
Track Name: In the Name of Order
No means to estimate the wealth or reestablish
You run to cut the corners, fill the holes with boredom
You’ll close at noon today
Shut off the lights one final time

You can’t owe what you can’t see
We’re fortunate so we’re free (to practice alchemy)

We trade in fool’s gold but it’s always underwritten
Can’t pay the mortgage if it’s cut in 40 pieces
Can’t trace it to the source, reveal the name or owner
The process not the product
But we can’t know what you know
Track Name: Forget Who You Are
Forget who you are
Make claims you can’t clear
You’re singing out loud
In all the wrong places
Hiding behind the faults and the lies
We change or resign to do this forever

I thought we’d have a chance to hash it out and make concessions
But last call’s coming

Forget who you are
Hysteria calls for seeing new things
In all the old places
Leaving behind that persona defined
By inaccurate lies
Stop living in pieces

Caught in the turnstile
Tried so hard to cross that line
Caught underwater
We can’t return this time
Track Name: Wrong Profession/Same Results
Pushed out again
We all pretend
Not to be undermined
Not to be forced to sit still

I chose the wrong profession
I thought I could make due
With half closed eyes and a strong tendency to dream
Slow death by mental starvation
Will come as a relief
We’ll let go once we see the other side of grief

Held back again
Create, upend
Not to be undermined
Not to be put in your place


It’s a different place and time
A different set of rules of decency
If we wanna fool them all
We’re gonna have to keep it together
Cut it off or push it down
It’s all the same resulting frequency
But the same rules still apply

Gonna hurt somebody
Gonna get somebody good this time

In another place and time
There’ll be new standards of complacency
Pull me up or drag me down
It’s all the same now
I don’t think so
This is someone else’s dream
But the same rules still apply
Track Name: Nervous Habits
Wretched minds justify our desires
Can’t sit still for a day or an hour
Begging god for a moment of quiet
Criticize me

We’re all defined by our nervous habits
I will admit that it’s hard to let them go
Dusting off all the old excuses
For the time when I’ll have to make a go

We are scared
We know not what we seek
Holding on to this shred of a dream
Make a plea for all prospects to fail
Let it go
Track Name: Desperate Plea
Yet another time I say
That I’ve stopped looking towards the day
When I will prove what I have claimed
Stop making lists, I see no point
Completion just for its own sake
So I give up on this place

Can’t quit breathing in my sleep
Gotta find out who to be
Can’t quit breathing in my sleep
I’ll try to be successful

We’re post boredom
Don’t feel anything at all
Daydream about sleeping
Forget to breathe
Track Name: Throwaway
Sometimes I wish I could forget
The definitions of our time
Uncertain boundaries will beget
False structures that we can’t apply

So it’s never gonna end you all say
Are we really gonna throw it away?
I’ve gotta figure it out
Last call for this dull reminder
That we have a lot to learn still
I think I’ll just walk away

You took your time to figure out
What base respect is necessary
I’d wake up smothered in doubt
Can’t recreate the ordinary

You never asked me to stay
No final call in the way
I should’ve begged you to go
Give up the constraints of home
You never asked me to stay
Track Name: Second String
It’s true we laugh too early and too loud
Tried hard to stifle but I just don’t know how
Still only second string
It’s just a job to me
I hope this catches your eye

Words always trip me up
I’d rather take another pill
To quit staying up all goddamn night

Catch a glimpse
Count the steps
They’re always changing
I know the route you always take
Track Name: Thread of Life
Etched with a coarse design
Of cultures shocked and pushed aside
Into a backwards place
And deemed beautiful
This failure to contextualize

Start to believe what they never taught in school
I’d open up but I don’t know what to do
Our awe, our hysteria
Unnatural thoughts and broken lives

We can’t expect to understand this place without a thread of logic
Or a standard way
Track Name: False starts
Tomorrow is today
I never thought the time would come
When I would figure out
Just how to make myself belong

Turns out that life was made for living
In fact it comes as a surprise
I’ll find a way to mess this up again
Turns out I never even tried

No heart, no future
I think I’ll waste away
In time, with purpose
I’ll count down every day

Woke up at 6 AM
And tried to push these thoughts away
When will I figure out
We’ll countdown stories til the end

False starts
No ending